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        Railway Transportation

        With the opening of the China-Europe Railway Express, the transportation time of international bulk goods has been greatly shortened. There are 3 different route available for cargo export : 1) cargo in the central and western parts of China export via Alashankou (Khorgos). 2)the cargo in the central China export from North China via Erenhot, 3) The cargos in the eastern area will pass through the southeastern coastal areas of Manzhouli (Suifenhe) leaves the country . All of those routes can lead to final destination of Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, Northern Europe and Western European countries.

        Taking advantage of the "One Belt, One Road" and the development of the western China, Dalian FT is also actively expanding the market in countries along the "One Belt, One Road". We provide customers with railway container and vehicle cargo transportation services. Based on domestic goods locations, we can provide domestic short-distance shipping, inland transport trailers, etc. to gather the goods to nearest large railway stations, and arrange following railway transportation to provide customers with The whole chain service and export goods safely, quickly and accurately.

        To meet customer’s requirement, we will help customers formulate a set of convenient and fast solution according to the different characteristics of the goods, and then based the professional knowledge. We work out a fast customs clearance way. To ensure the smooth and timely delivery of the goods to the final customer, saving valuable time and cost for the customer.

        Railway transportation has gradually become the company's main business.

        CONTACT US


        TEL : +86 411 39809380

        E-mail: dyico@163.com